We provide consulting in the following areas:

  • company law;
  • commercial law;
  • land law;
  • contractual law;
  • construction law;
  • real property law;
  • tax law.

At client’s request, our lawyers can provide consulting services.

  • We offer assistance in opening bank accounts for legal entities.
  • We offer assistance in finding financing from banks and leasing companies.
  • We offer to acquire a ready-made company.

The companies are registered in Klaipeda. The address provided for the registration can also be used in the future.

The key advantage of read-made companies established by UAB “Terra Virtualis” is that authorized capital no longer needs to be formed, the purchasable company is registered in the business center, all of which serves as a perfect solution for those, who need to a company urgently (usually, it takes from 10 days to one month to register a company).

  • We provide company registration services.
  • We provide a service of restructuring private companies.
  • We offer services of administering the companies.
  • We offer services to individuals and legal entities in bankruptcy proceedings.