Translation services

Along with our partners, we offer various translation services. We offer translations from/to the following languages: Lithuanian, English, German, Russian, Polish, Latvian, Estonian, French, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian.

Written Translation

  • translation, printing, and editing of various texts
  • translations are received and forwarded to clients by e-mail, fax, regular and express mail, recorded on preferred information medium.
  • at client’s request, translations of original documents are certified by translator and notarized.

Online Translation

  • urgent translation of short texts (e.g. e-mail messages, Internet texts)

Translation via Teleconferencing

  • we translate conversations on the phone, connecting up to 10 participants

Mail Office

  • service of translating mails, when we forward mails from the sender to the addressee

Preparation of Documents

  • Filling in official forms and questionnaires
  • Filling in and translation of Green Card questionnaires and documents
  • Drawing up official documents