We defend interests of both natural and legal persons (parties to the contract, debtors, creditors, aggrieved party, guilty party):

  • We represent client’s interests in all sorts of civil cases;
  • We prepare documents for courts, explain court decisions and rulings;
  • We competently represent client’s interests in tax disputes;
  • We defend shareholders’ rights and represent their interests.

At client’s request, our lawyers can provide legal services.

Debt recovery and management

Our company renders assistance in assessment of reliability and solvency of the available or future business partner or client of yours (on the current or permanent basis), provides an efficient assurance of mutual financial settlements in time as well as assistance of risk management related thereto.

We shall render you assistance in quick and efficient pre-trial collection of accumulated debts from insolvent business partners or collection of debts through legal proceedings.

Pre-trial debt collection

  • Upon signing debt collection service agreement, we collect thorough and objective information on residence, financial situation and available property of the debtor.
  • As far as possible, we apply to the bailiff on recovery of debt non-judicially.
  • We draw up and send messages to the debtor and permanently inform the debtor on full non-performance or improper fulfilment of financial liabilities with telecommunication facility application.
  • We appear at the residence of the debtor and initiate and negotiate on settlement of the debt as well as assurance of possible alternative ways of settlement of the debt.
  • We fulfil other actions assuring execution of financial liabilities by the debtor (stating of factual circumstances, signing of drafts and assurance of fulfilment thereof, sale of pledged property by auction etc.)

Collection of debts through legal proceedings

  • Collection of the documents required and drawing up an application to the court on issuance of the court order or a statement of claim on award of the debt according to the indebtedness submitted by you. Drawing up of documents on initiation of bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Organization of discovery of the debtor’s assets and coordination of distrainment upon passing decision on application on the interim remedies.
  • Representing your interests before any court, arbitration and in the company bankruptcy proceedings at your request. Permanent providing of information on the course of the mentioned proceedings and results achieved.
  • Upon issuance of documents of execution by the court, submission thereof to the bailiff, coordination, assistance and control of enforcement. Coordination of the forced sale of property owned by the debtor.

Purchase of receivables

You may alienate indebtednesses of your clients to our company at any stage of collection.